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Ask Aunt Sally – Was that my point?

Question: In a recent social doubles match I hit a short angled shot just over the net but with some kind of unusual spin such that after it landed within bounds on the opponents side of the net it bounced back over to our side net. The opponents never made contact with the ball. I called this our point because the ball made it over and was “in”. Was this a correct call if were playing USTA Friends of Court rules?

Aunt Sally: Yes, this is a correct call.  Since your opponent did not touch the ball, the point is yours.  Rule 25B in “Friend at Court” explains the only exception to the rule “do not reach over the net.”  If your opponent had been able to reach over the net without touching the net, she could have hit the ball into the net on your side of the court.  In this case the point would have been your opponent’s point.

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  1. You mean the opponent could have hit the ball into the court (not into the net, as you stated). I like this question/answer blog but you need to make sure you are stating the answer correctly.

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