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Ask Aunt Sally – A Question About Lets

Question: What should I do anytime a server’s partner interrupts the second service motion to finish clearing a ball? I don’t let them have a first serve but they frequently want it. I think that is the servers fault for starting the second serve while the first ball is still moving

Answer: I agree with you about not giving lets to players if their partners interrupt the flow of the second serve.  In various places Friend at Court states that server (and I would extend this to server’s partner) may not benefit from a distraction caused by him/herself.  If a player’s hat falls off, the player cannot call a let because the player caused the distraction (but his opponent can if he/she was disturbed by the hat falling onto the court).

Something important to know from Friend at Court:  “In all cases when a let is called, except when a service let is called on a second service, the whole point shall be replayed.  This brings up the interesting question:  What is a let and when should it be called?  The above are examples of the improper use or request for a let.  In a later column we’ll discuss lets again.  It is a fascinating subject!

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