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Ask Aunt Sally – League Rules

Leading up to the Adult League Section Championships this weekend, Ask Aunt Sally answers two user-submitted questions about USTA League Tennis rules.

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Question: If a player only plays in one match during the regular season, and is unable to play in a 2nd match due to an injury, is there any exception that would allow that player to play in Sectionals if his/her team advances?

Answer: The rule concerning match play is a National rule and the Section is not able to make an exception.

Question: What is the criteria for League winner? I believe it is: 1) Match Record 2) Winner of most matches (courts) 3) Team with fewest sets lost 4) Team with fewest games lost 5) Head-to-head  – I didn’t see this mentioned in the Middle States Rules and Regulations.

Answer: What you are listing is the procedure in the event of a tie.  This is a national rule and is not spelled out in the Middle States section rules.  This is what the section rules does say about a tie:

“Section Championships format shall be round robin in all levels of competition. Each team shall play every other team in its flight and the team with the most team points shall be champion in its flight.  In the event of a tie in team points, the winner shall be decided by using 2.03H in the national rulebook.”

This rule applies to ties in at all championship levels.

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  1. By awarding different points for each court won, you could create a self regulating system where captains would play their strongest players on the top courts; eg. if 1st singles = 2 points, 2nd singles = 1 point, 1st doubles = 3 points, 2nd doubles = 2 points, 3rd doubles = 1 point, then captains would put their stronger teams on the top courts and players would be properly challenged – without having a “mandate”

    • Your suggestion of assigning points to each position is used in some other Sections. It has been proposed nationally as a way to encourage order of strength.

      Some people feel that captains should have the option of using strategy when they put their people on court, which the present system allows. On the other hand, sometimes it backfires. When captains decide to play their best team in 3 sometimes their opponent decides the same thing. It is always a guessing game when captains use strategy to determine the order of players on court.

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