USTA League Super Senior Champs Crowned in Middle States

USTA League Super Senior Section Championships wrapped up in Middle States this past weekend, as five teams from throughout the Section earned a chance to represent Middle States at USTA League National Championships.

Winning teams from each level are listed below. Official champion and finalist team photos can be found here and action photos can be found on the Middle States Facebook page.

8.0 Men’s Champions
Philadelphia Area Tennis District

8.0 Women’s Champions
Philadelphia Area Tennis District

7.0 Women’s Champions
New Jersey District

7.0 Men’s Champions
Central Pennsylvania District

6.0 Women’s Champions
Central Pennsylvania District

The first set of National Championships will take in April, 2013. For a complete National Championships schedule, click here.

USTA League, the country’s largest recreational tennis league, has more than 330,000 players nationwide competing in match play, meeting new people and enjoying the team aspect of the game. To find out more about USTA League Tennis or find a team in Middle States, click here.

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