Not Your Typical Junior

Plumstead Christian tennis coach Jessie Brittingham had a feeling Kyle Seelig would win a state title at some point during his high school career. She had no clue it would happen so fast.

While most freshmen in high school were still learning to open their lockers, Kyle Seelig was filling his with trophies. A 14-year old freshman at the time, Seelig wiped out opponents on the tennis court throughout the 2012 season en route to a Pennsylvania AA State Title.

29 - Seelig“It was pretty cool, and definitely a lot of fun,” Seelig said of his first season of high school tennis. “It was difficult and different, but I loved it.”

A 2012 Easter Bowl finalist and USTA standout player for years, Seelig said he has always felt natural on the court. He picked up a racquet at a young age and immediately took to the game. After showing tremendous potential throughout his middle school years at various USTA events and tennis competitions all over, his arrival at Plumstead Christian High School was eagerly anticipated by many – including the school’s coaching staff. And once he arrived, Seelig didn’t disappoint.

Seelig cruised through his freshman campaign and suddenly found himself in the state playoffs in Hershey, Pa. Just like that, the state title game had arrived.

Seelig jumped to a 4-1 lead in the first set before his opponent launched a major comeback. Seelig trailed 0-1 but regained his confidence and took the final two sets for the victory. It was the first time since 1997 a freshman won the state title, proving why Brittingham had heard so much about Seelig before he even arrived in school.

“Kyle’s very talented,” Brittingham said after the match, “I’ve only been head coach for one year, but I’ve been hearing about him for five years.”

All of that talent doesn’t mean Seelig’s game comes without hard work. Ever since his state-winning match last year, Seelig has played USTA Tournaments, worked hard on his serve and trained consistently at Legacy Youth and Tennis Center in Philadelphia. Throughout the past several years, in fact, that schedule remains constant. Now, Seelig’s confidence is reaching all-time highs.

Considering he has not yet attended prom, earned his driver’s license or considered collegiate tennis options, Seelig likely has plenty more milestones to knock down. Right now, he’s not getting too far ahead of himself.

“I’m just going to keep playing, keep trying,” he said. “We’ll see what happens.”

This story will appear in the summer issue of NetPLAY Magazine, which will be available in early June.

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