Bag Check: Lindsay Graff

graff IILindsay Graff won the Middle States qualifier in the US Open National Playoffs in late June, and will spend the next six weeks studying and working while preparing for the next round in New Haven, Conn.

Graff took the title in women’s singles and mixed doubles, meaning she’ll have a busy August while attempting to earn a spot in the main draw of the US Open.

Middle States caught up with Graff for a Bag Check to ask her a few questions about her tennis background.

For more information on the US Open National Playoffs, click here.

Age began playing: 5

Favorite music: Alternative

Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Plays at: Princeton University

Major: Aerospace Engineering

Career highlights: Unanimous first-team All-Ivy honors in singles last season…second team All-Ivy in singles 2012…first team All-Ivy in doubles in 2012. Before Princeton, was a three-time Miami Herald and Sun-Sentinel Player of the Year in both singles and doubles, accruing a 32-4 singles and 26-3 doubles record over her final three years in high school … won a Florida Class 2A doubles title in 2009 and singles title in 2011.

Princeton Profile: Lindsay Graff

Began playing because: “I happened to walk by a TV and see Lindsay Davenport and Steffi Graf playing each other in the finals of the US Open. And I noticed that my name was essentially a combination of their first and last name. It seemed like a good enough reason to start playing at the time.”

Unique things in tennis bag: “My tennis bag is like a black hole. Things go in there and then I forget about them, so they don’t come out for a while. I once lost my car keys and couldn’t find them, only to see them floating around my bag a few days later. My phone has also gone missing for a couple hours before I found it in there. I’ve come to realize that if I can’t find something, my tennis bag is usually a good place to start looking.”

Superstitions: “I need to eat the same thing before every match of a tournament, but it changes from tournament to tournament. And I’m pretty sure I use the same bathroom stall at the site. I think that’s a subconscious superstition though.”

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