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Ask Aunt Sally – Is the ball still in play?

AskAuntSallyQuestion: I’ve been digging and digging and haven’t found a clear-cut answer in the rules or the code.  If a player’s racquet hits the side stop (court divider netting) before his racket hits the ball, is the ball still in play?  I’m thinking yes.  Note that the ball does not hit the side stop at all, just the receiving players racket.

Answer: The answer to this is: “The point is lost if:  g.  The player or the racquet, whether in the player’s hand or not, or anything the player is wearing or carrying touches the net, net posts/singles sticks, cord or metal cable, strap or band, or the opponent’s court at any time while the ball is in play.”  This is rule 24 in Friend at Court.

Question: Does mixed doubles count in the early start or year end ratings?

Answer: Mixed doubles matches do not count for either early-start or year-end if you play on any adult team at any league type.  If you only play mixed doubles, the matches will count for year-end ratings but not for early-start.

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