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Ask Aunt Sally: Early-Start Ratings

Aunt SallyQuestion: When does someone that is playing only mixed doubles get a computer rating? I recently played someone that was self rated over 2 years ago but only played mixed doubles in USTA.

Answer: If a player only plays mixed doubles, it is possible for him/her to play for two years with a self-rating.  Mixed doubles starts in the fall and there are no dynamic ratings for mixed doubles.  If a player self-rated early in 2012 but only played mixed doubles, he could start the 2013 season with the same self-rating.  His 2012 rating based on his mixed doubles results was not published until December of 2012.

Question: Where are the Early Start ratings? When I look up a player I played against on a 7.0 MXD match, it shows him as a 4.5.

Answer: Here is the link to the early start ratings:  http://mstennisblog.com/2013/08/27/usta-league-early-start-ratings-announced/

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