Love2Play Tennis in Middle States

Tennis means something different to everyone. To some it means competition or a chance to travel and meet new people, while for others, it’s simply an opportunity to exercise and spend time with friends.

Whatever tennis means to you, we want to hear it.

USTA Middle States this week will launch the #Love2Play Tennis campaign, which kicks off the 2014 tennis season in Middle States and includes a number of feature stories, videos, contests and social media initiatives that will display the community’s love and appreciation for tennis.

Darryl Horvath and Lisa Croce, recreational players from New Jersey.
“We play four times per week. It’s great exercise, and it brings us closer together.” – Darryl. “He always beats me by a few points, but that doesn’t matter.” – Lisa.

Middle States will publish new #Love2Play content each week, highlighting tennis players, coaches and fans of every level. The features will be posted on the Middle States media pathway, including Facebook, Twitter and the MS Tennis Blog. Selected content will also appear in the summer issue of NetPLAY Magazine. Use the #Love2Play hashtag on Facebook and Twitter for more ways to show your love for the game.

Individuals are also encouraged to submit their own content to Middle States.

A photo is not required, but if you’d like to submit one, please e-mail it to

While the general rules of tennis have remained constant for years, the availability of the sport, and the ways it is now learned, has drastically changed. Tennis is now more accessible and easy to learn than ever, and more people are playing and learning the game than in the sport’s history.

USTA’s 10 and Under Tennis initiative is getting kids involved in the game at a younger age, and teaching them to enjoy the sport of a lifetime, while programs like Jr. Team Tennis, Tennis On Campus and USTA League Tennis are giving teenagers, college students and adults a chance to play in a team-based setting.

For more information on USTA Middle States and opportunities to get involved with tennis, visit

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