Middle States Announces 2013 Awardees

USTA Middle States this week released the official list of award recipients from 2013, recognizing some of the top tennis individuals, coaches, players and advocates in the area.

generic awardsFourteen awardees were chosen through a coordinated effort between the Middle States Awards Task Force and Middle States staff. Nominations were accepted from each district across the Section, including: Allegheny Mountain (AMD), Central Pennsylvania (CPD), Delaware (DD), Eastern Pennsylvania (EPD), New Jersey (NJD) and the Philadelphia Area (PATD).

Recipients will be honored at their respective district award ceremony, which will take place on various dates between January and April. A schedule for the district award ceremonies, as well as contacts for each event, can also be found below.

To read more on the history of each award, click here.


Carol Strasser Memorial League Service Award
Sally Evans (EPD)

Community Tennis Association Award
Conrad Weiser Tennis Association (EPD)

Edwin J. Faulkner College Coach of the Year
Dawn Ketterman-Benner, Moravian College (EPD)

Edwin J. Faulkner High School Coach of the Year
Reggie Day, Academy Park (PATD)

Family of the Year    
Malik Family (EPD)

Media Excellence Award
Dave Emkey (EPD)

Teaching Professional of the Year
Larisa Vaynberg (NJD)

Tennis Industry Initiative Award
Gamma Sports (AMD)

Tennis On Campus Leader Award
David Stanicar, Slippery Rock University (AMD)

Tournament Director of the Year
Dennis Oliveira (NJD)

USTA Jr. Team Tennis Organizer Award
Debbie Hazlett (AMD)

Volunteer of the Year
Pete Rigby (DD)Paul Costello (DD)

William A. Hills Section NJTL Chapter Award
Legacy Youth Tennis and Education (PATD)

District Award Ceremonies

AMD – April 6, Grazie Restaurant, Oxford Athletic Club
Contact: Hank Hughes, hank10spro@comcast.net

CPD – March 2, Heritage Hills Golf Resort
Contact: Denise Dunn, tennis55@comcast.net

DD – February 9, Doubletree Hotel (Wilmington)
Contact: Monique Holloway, moniqueholloway@comcast.net

EPD – January 19, Moravian College
Contact: Barbara VanBuskirk, tennis512000@hotmail.com

NJD – April 6, Laurel Creek Country Club
Contact: Carol MacLennan, minimac34@aol.com

PATD – March 2,  Green Valley Country Club
Contact: Rose Weinstein, tennisrose@comcast.net

About USTA Middle States

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) is the official governing body for tennis in the United States. One of 17 USTA sections throughout the nation, USTA Middle States encompasses Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey (exclusive of a 35-mile radius around New York City) and northwestern West Virginia. A not-for-profit organization, USTA Middle States is more than 80 years old and is primarily volunteer-driven. For more information on USTA Middle States and its events and programs, please contact Michael Gladysz at 484-302-0759 or gladysz@ms.usta.com.

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