Middle States Tennis Development Workshop All About Play

Leah Friedman doesn’t care about your excuses. As far as she’s concerned, tennis can — and should — be played everywhere.

Listen to her speak at the Middle States Tennis Development Workshop, and she’ll prove it.

“I’ve seen programs run in both the best and the worst neighborhoods around, indoors and outdoors,” she said. “I’ve been a part of both, and I know tennis can be successful anywhere.”

frontThe Junior Coordinator at the Chicago District Tennis Association, Friedman is now inspiring that “no-excuses” thinking in tennis environments around the country. Living and working in Chicago, the Pittsburgh native is spreading the word by speaking about community tennis and the options that tennis provides for kids.

On April 11, Friedman will be a main presenter at the Middle States Tennis Development Workshop in King of Prussia, Pa. There, she’ll be joined by a number of industry leaders to discuss forming partnerships, fundraising, marketing and branding for businesses, and the growth of community tennis. On-court sessions revolving around drills and strategy will take place both Friday and Saturday.

Other presenters include faculty representatives from the East Stroudsburg University department of Sport Management, USTA Serves Executive Director Dan Faber, Director of the PA Afterschool Youth Network Kacy Conley, and former United Kingdom Pro of the Year Mike Barell.

“So much of what we do is about the kids and what we’re doing to help our youth,” Friedman said. “We get caught up in our industry worrying about the business side of things, but I know from experience that tennis can be run in all types of environments and have success. That’s what is so exciting about the future of this sport.”

In recent years, tennis has become more accessible and affordable than ever before. The movement includes Community Tennis Associations, NJTLs, private clubs, parks and recreation departments, and more. Learn more about community tennis and register for the Middle States Tennis Development Workshop.


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