Never Leaving The Court

While many players simply pack their racquets away after high school or college competition, Wanzell Fleming realized how easy it was to stay involved with the game and continue to compete.

Fleming always seemed to gravitate toward a tennis court.

He played as a kid, and then later for Phoenixville Area High School. In college, he played for West Chester University. But whatever team or age, Flemming was always looking for hitting partners on nights and weekends, trying to find a way to get more court time and meet new people.

That’s why USTA League Tennis was such a perfect fit.

“The quality of competition is awesome, and it’s a chance to meet people and make friends,” he said. “People don’t realize how good it can be for them.”

Fleming, 26, is hoping more and more people realize just what USTA League Tennis can be to them. He said he nearly fell into a similar trap as a lot of young players, not realizing how strong the quality of play is in USTA League completion.

When he first got onto the court as a 4.0 player (he’s now a 4.5), he could only describe his reaction as “total surprise.”

“I’m in an 8.0 mixed league now, and you start to see right away that all of the players are good,” he said. “In a lot of these matches, it’s lights out. If you don’t come ready to go, you’ll have a really hard time.”

Fleming, who works his tennis schedule early around his work schedule, said he thinks USTA League tennis is the perfect match for players who are getting set to graduate high school or college, or for the player who has been away from the sport for a few years and trying to get back into competition.

USTA League Tennis is available for players of all ages 18 and older, and provides an opportunity to travel both locally, and if the interest is there, nationally.

Find out more about USTA League Tennis by visiting the website.

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