Playing On A Hot Day?

A few tips on how to stay cool on those steamy, summer days…

You know all about those matches during the heat of the summer. The matches when after the first set, you’re already thinking about how you can cool off and get comfortable. To avoid that feeling, you can combat the heat days before your match.

A day or two before a big match, start hydrating a little more than usual.

You want to make sure your body is operating at tip-top condition before you get on the court. On the day of the match, make sure you pack into a cooler enough water and any other sports drink you normally have on hand.

Ice cold beverages on a hot day are refreshing, but remember: don’t over indulge.

Your body has to warm up that water in order to use it, so drinking a lukewarm beverage can actually be more beneficial and efficient.

Drink water first during a match, and as the match progresses, add in some of that sports drink you packed to refuel and reenergize.

After the match, make sure you continue to hydrate. Your muscles need the fluids to recover and help you get back on the court a day or two later.

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