PTP Marching On

In her 19 years with the Princeton Tennis Program (PTP), Gwen Guidice’s focus has always been on the mission statement and goals written by Eve Kraft in 1954. Decades after that mission was first set, the PTP team is expanding its reach.

After years of building tennis in the community, the Princeton Tennis Program is celebrating its 60th anniversary this summer. Publically, the celebration took place at the Princeton Tennis Classic in early June. Privately, the celebration was a bit more workrelated, with a revised mission statement and strategy.

The PTP Mission…

Growing the game of tennis by offering high quality group instruction and programs without regard to age, abilities, skill level or financial means. PTP is dedicated to serving players who might not otherwise participate in tennis, and to pursuing a standard of excellence in teaching and education that encourages the development of health, character, good sportsmanship and responsible citizenship.

“When I was hired I had two tasks. One was to put us on a solid footing financially, and another was to find us a home so that we could control our own future,” said Guidice, the Executive Director of PTP. “We accomplished both of those, and now we’re moving more into the future.”

The 60th anniversary at PTP will hit home with thousands of New Jersey tennis players. PTP is estimated to serve 6,000 aspiring and experienced players – both youth and adult – each year, without regard to age, ability, or financial status.

“Inclusiveness has always been at the core of our mission,” Guidice said. “We want to reach people who would have never considered playing tennis before, and get them playing.”

This year, PTP is also offering two scholarships: The Bayard Jordan Memorial Scholarship Award, which allows one junior player to attend PTP’s Tournament Training Camp over the summer at no cost; and The Larisa Vaynberg Memorial College Scholarship Award, which awards $1,500 to a graduating high school senior.

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