Tennis Business

In the eyes of most people, tennis is just a game. For many, it should be that way.

But for others, getting people on the court is much more than a hobby. It’s a livelihood.

In a time that gives individuals and families more options and tighter schedules than ever before, running a tennis business is something that takes increased creativity and flexibility each year.

To anyone watching, it’s not as easy as it looks.

“Tennis pros who are being more creative, thinking outside the box and building year-round opportunities for players, those are the ones who are doing well,” said Jeff Harrison, a Middle States board member, and co-founder of The PRISM Partners. “These days you don’t even need a full-sized tennis court to provide or teach tennis. You can play in a classroom, a small gym, or a hallway. This sport now feeds off creativity.”

Harrison said he sees 10 and Under Tennis as one of the biggest business opportunities for coaches, clubs and other facilities. Moving forward, he even sees the 5 and younger market as a major area for growth as the game gets easier to learn, and parents look to get their kids involved at an even earlier age.

“This is new to the industry, and it’s still relatively untapped,” he said. “It’ll be amazing to see where things go from here.”

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