League Captain Spotlight: Joe Leo

Joe Leo is all about communication and organization.

A USTA League Tennis captain from Allentown, Leo moved into the Middle States area in 2005. Players on his teams will tell you he’s had Excel opened ever since.

Leo organizes and keeps tabs on scheduling and rosters by constantly updating documents and spreadsheets for the players on his teams, and sharing those documents with his players through Google Docs and email.

By captaining four separate teams, he doesn’t have much choice.

“I have my system, and I’m fortunate that the team members are all so cooperative,” he said. “It helps me keep everything going and allows me to stay organized.”

In April, Leo’s 8.0 mixed team traveled to Maui for the 2013 USTA League Mixed Invitational 40 & Over Championship. Photos from his trip are coming soon.

Joe Leo Profile

Home Club: Winning Touch Tennis, Allentown, Pa.

Got started with USTA Leagues: Nearly 20 years ago, before moving from Long Island to Pa. for work.

Teams captained: 4: Mixed 8.0 18 and Over, Mixed 8.0 40 and Over, Men’s 4.5 40 and Over, Men’s 4.5 18 and Over

On tennis in Pennsylvania: It’s even better than where I’ve lived in the past. Here there is easier access, and a more relaxed environment. My wife, Lisa, and I both play, and both really enjoy it.

Why all the tennis involvement: It’s more than tennis to our group. We’re like family. We play tennis and value tennis as part of our lives, and part of what makes us who we are as friends and as people.

Advice for a first-time captain: They need to have a very consistent and disciplined communications methodology and organization. Once they have that, there needs to be commitment from the team members. Captains should get that commitment up front and make sure they’re open and honest about what the team is, and what the expectations are for that particular team.

The hardest thing to deal with as a captain: The weather.

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