Life Gets Expensive. Tennis doesn’t need to.

Life gets expensive. Tennis doesn’t have to be.

If you look around, in fact, there’s likely inexpensive (or free) court time and lessons right around the corner. There are examples in Middle States from end to end. Many local clubs, facilities or even parks and recs offer classes year-round, beginning new classes every month. Those classes often move into intermediate and advanced programs, eventually opening up play opportunities down the road. There’s also a club near you offering USTA League Tennis, junior programs and affordable court time on top-notch courts.

Four tips to affordable tennis

1. Think local

“There is almost always a place you can play and get involved,” said Hank Hughes, the Tennis Director at Mt. Lebanon Tennis Facility in Pittsburgh. “Whether it’s a beginner program or something more advanced, there are a lot of options.”

2. Check the parks

Local parks and recs often provide a great resource for people interested in learning the game, and also run programs like cardio tennis, USTA Leagues, Jr. Team Tennis, and other play opportunities. If you just want to get out and hit, there are plenty of facilities with free, outdoor courts.

3. Time it right

During the winter, aim for the off-hours: Courts in 4-7 p.m. range can be tough to come by during the week, so think about other options. If you can make it on a Sunday afternoon, or early afternoon or after 8 p.m. on a weeknight, you can sometimes find unbelievable prices.

4. Just ask

If you want to play on a budget but can’t figure out how to get started, get in touch with the USTA Middle States office or your local Tennis Service Representative. Contact info for all Middle States staff members can be found at

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