Bounce To The Beat: Cardio Tennis

-By Sophia Yanik

Wouldn’t it be great if working out was actually fun? For those who want to change it up and enjoy their workout, Cardio Tennis is the program for you.

Cardio Tennis, a workout far from the monotony of the gym, is a fast-paced, enjoyable program that incorporates interval training, tennis and music in order to effectively increase cardiovascular activity.

Still a skeptic? Read on.

For anyone who hasn’t played tennis in the past, or anyone who doesn’t believe they can play, Cardio Tennis is one of the many ways to prove them wrong. Cardio Tennis is engineered toward all tennis players, regardless of skill level. The primary requisite to this program is simply a desire to play. This amped-up version of the traditional game of tennis burns more calories than conventional singles or doubles play, while simultaneously creating a less stressful environment in which to break a sweat.

Cardio at WTT 13

With the slogan “Get Fit, Have Fun,” Cardio Tennis provides the opportunity for participants to burn up to a whopping 1,000 calories per 60-minute session, with the intensity being the variable that the participant determines. When compared to other types of exercises, a typical, one-hour Vinyasa flow yoga class burns around 500 calories, and a generic, one-hour spin class would be in the 300-600 calorie range, depending on your speed. The program provides a fun twist on a classic sport – appealing to fitness gurus and tennis fanatics alike.

Cardio Tennis didn’t just pop up of nowhere. It was developed in 2005 by the Tennis Industry Association as well as the United States Tennis Association and has expanded to 30 countries worldwide, with 2,000 facilities existing in the United States alone. Cardio Tennis classes are typically small, so as to provide a more personalized workout experience.

The fantastic benefits that this workout has to offer wouldn’t be possible without one key ingredient: music. With Cardio Tennis, your body feels the high-tempo tunes, increasing your stamina and willingness to hit harder and run faster. The basis of this conclusion comes from a singular concept: people listen to music while exercising for the same reason that people hum while working – because it is enjoyable and distracts from the sometimes arduous tasks at hand.

The Cardio Tennis idea features a multifaceted exercise session that employs the fundamental aspects of a successful workout combined with the positive effects of music. Even the pros know that a melody can make or break a warm-up or workout. Trance, dance music, club mixes, pop songs and rock pieces make up the workout playlists of tennis bigwigs such as Roger Federer, Serena Williams and Andy Roddick.

To find a Cardio Tennis class near you, click here.

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