2014 US Open National Playoffs Kicking Off in Middle States

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For many, simply attending the US Open is a dream. Now anyone can play in it.

For the fifth straight year, anyone older than 14 will have that chance when the US Open National Playoffs Middle States Sectional Qualifying Tournament rolls into Mercer County Park. The tournament will take place from June 21-24.

The idea behind the tournament is simple: give players a shot to compete on the world’s biggest stage.

The year’s Middle States Qualifying Tournament features 128 players and 53 years separate the youngest player from the oldest player.

“Anyone who dreams of playing in the US Open – top junior players, collegians, teaching professions, weekend warriors or recreational players – can make that dream a reality through the US Open National Playoffs,” said Dave Haggerty, Chairman, President and CEO of the USTA. “The level of singles and mixed doubles competition is always strong, while our committed USTA sections do a terrific job running the sectional qualifying tournaments.”

The US Open National Playoffs begin as a series of 13 sectional qualifying tournaments, held in different USTA Sections across the country. The 13 men’s, women’s and mixed doubles champions advance to the US Open National Playoffs. Men’s and Women’s Singles Championships are held August 15-18, and the Mixed Doubles Championships are held August 20-23.

The tournament’s men’s and women’s singles champions earn a wild card into the US Open Qualifying Tournament, which is held the week prior to the US Open. The mixed doubles champions receive a wild card into the main draw of the US Open.

For more information, or to see the players draws and results, click here.

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