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Alagar Quadruplets

When Ravi Alagar and his wife, Mary Beth, had quadruplets in 2000, they had no idea all four of them would be tennis players. Now, they all compete together in Jr. Team Tennis.

“It really is amazing to watch, and have the opportunity to coach,” Alagar said. “When they were born, none of them were over 2 pounds. Now they’re out there competing and always improving and, as a parent, it makes me so proud.”

Indrani, Jayalakshmi, Krishnan and Rajan Alagar all turn 14 years old on August 10. They began tennis at the age of 9 when they asked their parents if they could start playing.

“We were thrilled they chose tennis,” Alagar said. “With tennis, their success on the court begins and ends with them.”

The quadruplets, who are often paired together for doubles, come from a tennis family, with an older sister and younger brother who also play.

With all four of them being members of the same team, the natural sibling rivalry gets replaced with team camaraderie.

“They all have their different strengths and weaknesses,” Alagar said. “We joke that if they were one child, instead of four, they would be unbeatable. But they work well together and build off of each other. They’re just really good kids.”

To see photos from 2014 Jr. Team Tennis Section Championships, click here.

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