Middle States Initiative Prepares Kids for JTT

For many kids over the last few years, Jr. Team Tennis has become an opportunity to stay active and compete, all while connecting with friends.

To further expand this program and reach an even larger group of kids, USTA Middle States recently launched Rally Stars, a new initiative to introduce kids to the concept of team tennis at a younger age.rally stars_name

“The Rally Stars program makes it easy for coordinators to teach tennis to kids,” said Renee Lentz, USTA Tennis Service Representative for the Eastern Pa. District. “Kids can be on teams, play matches and have fun, which is the whole purpose for the program.”

The inspiration for Rally Stars is getting kids on the court to learn and have fun with friends. The goal of Rally Stars is to provide kids with an easy transition into Jr. Team Tennis, which is the largest youth tennis program in the country.

The Rally Stars initiative was created with coordinators, coaches and parents in mind. Coordinators have access to resources on how to organize the league, grow the program and finally, start playing. Coaches are provided with hand crafted lesson plans that have been tested on focus groups and cater to every possible age group. Lastly, parents have access to a resource page that provides them with ideas on how to encourage their child’s participation.

“Everything is really right there for them,” Lentz said. “We wanted people to just hear the idea, and be able to jump right in. The hard work is already done.”

To learn more about Rally Stars, visit rallystarstennis.com.

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