2015-16 Middle States Board Confirmed

Members of the 2015-16 USTA Middle States Board of Directors and Nominating Committee have been confirmed, with the new group officially set to begin January 1.

A number of Middle States’ top tennis leaders were selected for positions on the Board of Directors, led by President Elect Christian Sockel. Current Middle States President Gina Pileggi will continue to serve on the Board as a Delegate.

Sockel has 15 years of experience on the Middle States Board, and has volunteered in the tennis industry even longer. Most recently, he’s served as Senior Vice President on the Middle States Board.

Board of Directors

President – Christian Sockel, EPD
Senior Vice President – Edward McQuillin, DD
Secretary – Laura Canfield, PATD
Treasurer – Bruce Levine, NJD
Delegate – Gina Pileggi, NJD
Director at Large – Jon Bari, PATD
Director at Large – Rebecca Halpern, PATD
Director at Large – Rob Howland, NJD
Director at Large – Aldene LaCaria, AMD
Director at Large – Lance Lee, PATD
District Delegate – Hank Hughes, AMD
District Delegate – Reggie Day, PATD
District Delegate – Mark Centrella, DD
District Delegate – David Kurvink, EPD
District Delegate – Lani Ward, CPD
District Delegate – Nancy Wilkins, NJD
Presidential Appointee – Wilson Pipkin, CPD

Nominating Committee

George Parnell, Chair – NJD
Gina Pileggi, Past President – NJD
Earlene Riley – PATD
Ruth Roulston – CPD
Jack Monick – EPD

On behalf of the USTA Middle States Nominating Committee (2013–2014)

David Goodman – PATD
Jeffrey Harrison, Chair – DD
Cindy Mable – CPD
George Parnell – NJD
Ruth Roulston – CPD

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