Tennis that fits a tight schedule

Lisa Zieske is a teacher and proud grandmother dedicated to her work and her family. She’ll also gladly accept a match against you on the tennis court.

zieske (center)
Lisa Zieske, center, is an avid USTA League Tennis player who competes in Flex Leagues when her league teams aren’t competing or practicing on a regular basis.

A USTA League Tennis captain and player for the last 15 years, the worst part of the year for Zieske was always the traditional off-months, when her teams wouldn’t be competing or practicing. So instead of waiting for the next team to get back out there, she did something about it.

Zieske, who plays in the Upper Dublin, Pa. area, discovered USTA Flex League in 2013, extending her season through the traditional off-months and keeping her game as fresh as possible.

“I don’t want any time off,” she said. “I like to keep going.”

USTA Flex Leagues package the experience of league tennis into a more flexible schedule so everyone, regardless of time constraints or ability, can compete. Players get a list of their opponents each season and then, with the other player, schedule when and where they’ll play the match.

It’s the perfect way to stay in tennis shape after USTA League Tennis season has wrapped up. And for Zieske, it has simply fit her schedule.

“Flex has been great for me,” she said. “It fills the slow time of the year. Even with traveling or having other commitments, it’s easy to fit it in.”

Flex Leagues are available all over the Middle States Section. To find more information and sign up for a league near you, click here.

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