Premier Facility Spotlight: Frog Hollow Racquet Club

IMG_4387The entrance of Frog Hollow Racquet Club feels more like a museum than a tennis facility. Posters and racquets — both vintage and new — line the walls of the main foyer, with sign-up sheets, banners, trophies, awards and more dispersed throughout.

It’s a great first impression for a club that’s served its local community for the past seven years. But what happens on-court is what makes Frog Hollow truly stand out.

When it comes to tennis programming, Frog Hollow offers a little bit of everything. Its options for play include USTA League Tennis, Jr. Team Tennis, 10 and Under Tennis, Flex Leagues, clinics for all ages, private lessons and more. Frog’s 10 coaches use 11 total courts (six indoor, five outdoor) to stay busy and keep people playing.

For those reasons and more, Frog Hollow was named a Middle States 2013 and 2014 Premier Facility.

20-Trophy Frog Hollow“We stay moving,” said Denard McClendon, Frog Hollow’s Director of Tennis. “From 7 a.m. to 9 p.m., we have things happening.”

A little bit of everything includes a 10 and Under Tennis program which drives the junior programming at Frog Hollow. McClendon estimated that 10 and Under Tennis is involved with about half of all junior programming, and impacts approximately 250 kids per month. The blended lines for 36- and 60-foot courts fit in perfectly and allow the kids and adults to utilize the facility.

“10 and Under Tennis is the foundation of our junior programming,” McLendon said. “We get a good turnout and have a lot of kids coming back. It’s really worked out for us.”

Throughout the year, Frog Hollow offers Play Days, Kids Clubs and training at multiple levels of 10 and Under Tennis, giving the first-time players and the advanced, returning players great options to play. Kids are taught the very basics of the sport, and eventually can graduate to the Orange 2 court, where they learn slice backhands and forehands, approach shots, a variety of serves, and basic strategy.

While it’s immersed in tennis for kids, Frog Hollow does much more than 10 and Under Tennis. Its adult programming is popular and attracts players from all over the area, with USTA League Tennis teams, clinics and more running each day. The way McLendon describes it is simple: if you’re interested in playing, Frog Hollow has something for you. And if you’re a coach, the facility offers coaching workshops, fundraisers, and more.

Frog 3“We pride ourselves in that variety, and having a balanced book,” he said.

Something unique to the club is each coach’s involvement with a variety of programming, as the coaches don’t focus on only one area. Instead, each coach works with every level of player in clinics, private lessons and more. McLendon said this allows each skill level — from 2.5 all the way to high-performance tournament players — to get the best of what Frog Hollow has to offer.

For more information on Frog Hollow, click here.

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