Intersectional: How To Play

USTA Middle States offers a variety of team-based playing opportunities for adults of all ages. These events provide high-quality tennis and camaraderie both on and off the courts. In intersectional and cup play participants compete for the section comprising of 4-12 players represent Middle States in regional and national-based competition. In the annual Bruneau and the Milberg cups, Middle States squares-off against USTA Eastern teams in competition.

The women’s Addie and Sears Cups as well as the Men’s Church, Talbert, and Atlantic Coast Cups pit Middle States teams against competitors from USTA Eastern, USTA Mid-Atlantic and USTA New England to attain valuable national ranking points.

The location of each cup rotates on an annual basis amongst the participating sections. The respective section not only hosts competition but also a welcome dinner and reception. This affords each player the opportunity to not only bond with their own teammates, but to create lasting relationships with players from other sections as well.

Some of the nation’s longest running team-based competitions involve Middle States players. The Men’s Church Cup has been on-going since 1918 and the Sears Cup has been providing play opportunities for women since 1927. All of the cup competitions have enjoyed decades of history.  In national intersectional events, Middle States Men and Women compete against the 16 other USTA sections.

For more information about how to play Intersectional tennis, contact the Adult Competition Coordinator, Mary Wurtz, at

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