Tips and Drills

Looking for ways to get better on the court? Consider these tips next time you’re on the court and see how your game improves.

  1. String your racquet tighter for more control or looser for greater power.
  2. Use a two-handed backhand for more power and control and a one-handed backhand to extend reach and create spin variety.
  3. Swing at least as hard on your second serves as you do on your firsts. Players who struggle with developing a strong second serve tend to guide the ball by slowing down their swing.
  4. Spin is your “steering wheel” and has a direct correlation to percentage of serves that land inside the court. The flat serve is riskier.
  5. Use a semi-western grip to generate more topspin. It also allows for a power-drive on the high bouncing shots.
  6. In doubles, try hitting down the alley during the first few return games, hit a few lobs and maintain your poise to defend against poaching.
  7. To hit a good overhead: Turn sideways as soon as you see a lob is coming, get both hands up right away, get underneath the ball as though it will land on your forehead and keep those feet moving.
  8. When playing an opponent who hits flat, stay down on your shots and try to hit deep down the middle to give yourself more reaction time and reduce your opponent’s potential angles.
  9. Zoom in on your opponent’s toss. By visually focusing on the ball during the toss, it is easier to read the serve and time your forward movement needed to make solid contact in your return.
  10. Start “drifting in” during your opponent’s toss. Position yourself further back than where you want to make contact in your return and move forward slowly as the ball leaves the server’s hand.
  11. If you want to hit a firm volley, squeeze the racquet handle tightly at impact. If you want to hit a touch volley, hold the racquet more loosely.
  12. No matter the score, the match or the point, always have fun on court!

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