Casabon Tops Boys’ 12s Category

After a standout 2014, Jeremie Casabon ended the year ranked No. 1 in the Middle States Boys’ 12s category. Jeremie was also featured in the most recent issue of NetPLAY Magazine alongside his brother, Julian.

Age: 13
Began playing: 3.5
Favorite player: Gael Monfils because he is very crafty.
Favorite playing partner: Family members, because the winner gets the bragging rights.
Recent involvement: I have done Team Tennis in the past. I am now concentrating on tournaments, both Sectional and National, whenever I can.
What you like about team tennis: Team Tennis was great because I enjoyed playing with other people and cheering for them.
Why you like singles: I like to play by myself because I can focus on my game and because I like the rush of the one-on-one competition.
Goals for 2014: I would like to get in the Top 5 of the National Boys 14s rankings. I would also like to get a Gold Ball at a L1 Super National. Lastly I would like to continue to learn about Tennis and continue to improve my overall game.

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