Player Spotlight: Sashi Kempster

Sashi Kempster, 12, earned the No. 1-ranking in the USTA Middle States Girls’ 12s division. She’s set to be honored on Sunday morning at Green Valley Country Club at the Philadelphia Area Tennis District annual awards ceremony.

Kempster said she loves tennis because it’s a great way to express herself as a person and a player. She also loves that playing tennis has allowed her to make so many new friends.

Name: Sashi Kempster

Started playing: age 8

Favorite shot: Down the line backhand winner

Favorite player: Ana Ivanovic

Favorite partner: Chirico Cohen

Pre-match ritual: Pep talks from dad

For more information on junior competition, click here.

One thought on “Player Spotlight: Sashi Kempster

  1. I remember Sashi. We were in the same class together in Elementary school, back in Wayne PA.
    Funny kid!

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