N.J.’s Princeton Racquet Club Earns National Award

Just last week, the staff at Princeton Racquet Club celebrated its 20-year anniversary. A few days later, the club was informed it is one of 13 USTA Facility Award Winners in 2015.

Princeton Racquet Club from above

It’s been quite the year.

Princeton Racquet Club (PRC) will be recognized for its award at the USTA Semi-Annual Meeting in New York City on Sept. 6. The awards ceremony recognizes excellence in the construction and/or renovation of tennis facilities throughout the country.

“We really didn’t have any idea we could win something like this,” said Colleen Cosgrove, who owns and runs the club alongside Judy Vogt. “We don’t have a stadium or anything huge like that. We just try to maintain a beautiful club, and we take pride in our courts.”

That was more than enough in the eyes of the awards committee.

PRC’s motto is Pride, Respect and Character. The club supports a variety of USTA initiatives, including 10 and Under Tennis, junior tournaments and a myriad of adult options. PRC is home to 50 USTA League Tennis teams.

The 16-court facility also has something else it’s proud of: a community.

“It’s much more than a facility,” Vogt said. “It’s a family. It’s a large community of people that consider themselves family.”

The club is also involved with environmentally-friendly practices, using solar panels to power the facility.

For more information about PRC, click here.

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