Captain Spotlight: Chris Kyper

kyper feature image

Chris Kyper, captain of the 4.5 Delaware Snipers, knows something about being a team captain.

After 10 years, you tend to figure it out.

Kyper has a secret weapon that he believes is an important aspect of the sport: team bonding. He believes planning team outings and social events is a major part of being a good captain. And after an 11-0 start to this season, he may just be onto something.

Middle States had a chance to sit down and talk to Kyper about being a captain, and tennis in general.

Started playing: Kyper began playing tennis 25 years ago when he was 10.

Time as a captain: Kyper has captained various teams for 10 years. He has captained in three districts: CPD, DD and PATD.

Reason for playing:  “My older sister played high school tennis when my family lived in Missouri and I tagged along to all of her high school matches,” Kyper said. “I wanted to play too so my sister sort of got me into tennis. I hit a lot against walls when I was young and started taking lessons as a teenager at Penn Oaks in West Chester.”

Tennis role model: Growing up, Kyper liked watching and following Andre Agassi. He said he always viewed him as a professional tennis role model.

What makes a good captain: Kyper believes that excellent organizational and interpersonal skills are key parts of being a good captain. He also believes it involves being honest with people, staying upfront and keeping team wishes prioritized ahead of individual wishes.  Kyper tries hard to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for everyone on the team.

Hardest part about being a captain: Kyper believes the hardest part about being a captain is not being able to please everyone. He also said he doesn’t like watching his friends struggle or lose.

Goal for the season: Kyper would like to take the team to Palm Springs for USTA League National Championships.

Outside of tennis: Kyper is a manager for Wells Fargo Bank. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and his black lab, “Cricket.” He also enjoys baseball and traveling.

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