Player Spotlight: Jennifer Elie and Matija Pecotic

Matija Pecotic (left) and Jennifer Elie (right) will compete in the US Open National Qualifying Tournament this weekend in New Haven, Conn.

Jennifer Elie plays tennis six days a week, taking a rest on Sundays and getting back on the court Mondays to start the week again. It’s the kind of dedication necessary for someone who has a goal of cracking the world top-200 by year’s end.

Elie, who won the US Open National Playoffs Middle States qualifier in June, is now prepping for the US Open National Playoffs, which begin later this week. The winner of this tournament gets into qualifying of the US Open in September.

Middle States had the chance to chat with Elie about her preparation and tennis in general.

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Started playing tennis: Eli began playing tennis when she was five years old. Her dad introduced her to the game and taught her how to play.

Reason she plays tennis: Eli said she loves to compete and she loves learning what she can do better the next time.

Strategy of being a good player: “My strategies of being a good tennis player are to keep improving everyday just training hard and trying to reach my goals.”

Goals for the year: Play in the U.S. Open and to be ranked in the top 200 in the world.

Hobbies outside of tennis: Eli spends a lot of time with her family and outside of tennis mostly just hangs out with them.


Matija Pecotic, 26, is competing in the National Playoffs for the second time. The Middle States qualifying champ in 2013, Pecotic has spent the last year honing his game and rising in the world rankings.

The former star at Princeton, who was the first-ever three-time Ivy League Player of the Year, is currently in the world top-300. He made the final match of the 2013 event, and will look for revenge this year. He currently trains and lives in New Jersey.

For more info on the US Open National Playoffs, visit the USTA website.


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