Gable named to USTA Coaching All-Star Team

Debra Gable doesn’t coach for the accolades. But when it comes to her work at Dallastown High School, she certainly deserves them.

debra gableGable was recently named to the 2015 USTA No-Cut Coach All-Star Team, which recognizes 12 exceptional middle- and high-school coaches throughout the nation who implement a “no-cut” policy which welcomes all interested students to be a part of their school’s tennis team.

“This award made our team feel honored and made them aware that they are part of something unique,” Gable said. ” I don’t think the girls knew that a lot of programs cut. I am happy that my school district allows us to have a paid assistant coach which I know other schools do not always have that available. I was honored to receive this award from USTA.”

“These coaches play a critical role not only in the development of student-athletes throughout the year, but in the success of No-Cut Tennis and the sport of tennis as a whole,” said Glenn Arrington, Director, USTA High School Tennis. “We are extremely proud of these coaches who foster inclusion and continue to help shape today’s youth into well-rounded student athletes.”

Since 2006, more than 4,000 tennis coaches nationwide have made a commitment to offering a no-cut policy, with some programs including more than 100 team members on a high school team. The coaches of these teams serve as positive role models and make a difference by spending the extra time and effort to ensure that young players experience the fun and fulfillment of playing tennis and participating in a school sport.

For Gable, having a no-cut team has allowed growth for players, both personally and athletically.

“We have girls that just found an interest their freshman year or even sophomore year, and by the end of their career they may become top 10 or even top-seven, and been a starter,” she said. “On the team right now we have a girl who was No. 20 as a freshman, and she has been an undefeated No. 4 the last two seasons. The team success peaked her interest and she worked tirelessly in the offseason. Tennis is a lifelong sport and they only need one other person to play with them.”

The No-Cut Coach All-Star Team was established in 2013. Coaches are nominated by their respective USTA Section. To qualify for the USTA No-Cut All-Star Team, coaches must be currently implementing a no-cut policy on their tennis teams, and be currently registered with the USTA as a “no-cut” coach. Additionaly, each candidate must have at least five years of experience coaching tennis.

The 2015 No-Cut Coach All-Star Team includes:
• Don Ackerly – Valhalla High School, El Cajon, Calif.
• Doug Chapman – Somerset-Berkley Regional High School, Somerset, Mass.
• Teresa Cunningham – Winter Park High School, Winter Park, Fla.
• Ted Dasler – Lakeland High School, Minocqua, Wis.
• Jeanie Duncan – Lincoln High School, Lincoln, Calif.
• Danny Espinosa – Rivera Early College High School, Brownsville, Texas
• Debra Gable – Dallastown High School, Dallastown, Pa.
• Suzie Heideman – East Ridge High School, Woodbury, Minn.
• Lisa O’Hanahan – Carl Junction High School, Carl Junction, Mo.
• Paul Seegraves – Piggott High School, Piggot, Ark.
• Donna Swanson – Moapa Valley Empowerment High School, Overton, Nev.
• Wendy Thomas – La Cueva High School, Albuquerque, N.M.

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