Katrina Adams Visits COR Tennis

In the summer, City of Reading (COR) Tennis was planning preparations for its fundraiser, which was to take place in September. In an attempt to make it bigger and better than any fundraiser in the past, they invited USTA President, Katrina Adams.

The invitation was sent in the form of a video. When Adams got up to speak at the fundraiser, her first words were, “After seeing that video, how could I say no?”

Adams was planning to be in Uzbekistan for the Davis Cup on that night in September, but rescheduled her plans to be in Reading, Pa. The fundraiser was held at the Abraham Lincoln Hotel, in downtown Reading.

The mission of COR is to make available the game of tennis that emphasizes fun, increases wellness and self-esteem and teaches life skills that participants can carry over to their everyday lives. Many COR participants were in attendance. Awards were also given out that night.

To learn more about COR, visit them on Facebook.

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