Highlighting Sportsmanship in 2016

Boys' 18 Sportsmanship Award recipient Luke Phillips.
Boys’ 18 Sportsmanship Award recipient Luke Phillips – one of eight junior sportsmanship winners from 2015.


Luke Phillips learned sportsmanship at a young age. A junior player from Pittsburgh, Pa., Phillips was named the USTA Middle States Boys’ 18s Sportsmanship Award recipient for 2015. He’s one of eight Middle States junior players who earned sportsmanship awards in 2015.

But we know great sportsmanship doesn’t just happen at the junior level, and we need your help highlighting all the people and teams that exemplify standout sportsmanship in 2016.

If you’ve witnessed extraordinary sportsmanship recently, let us know. The story could appear on our Facebook or Instagram accounts, or even in our upcoming issue of NetPLAY Magazine.

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