Captain Spotlight: Eric Kanse

Eric Kanse wasn’t sure what to expect when he first signed up for a USTA League team.

“I just wanted to play,” he said.

kanse family
Delaware Captain Eric Kanse with his daughter, Danielle, and son, Eric Alexander

Eight years later, he’s an avid player and has become one of Delaware’s most recognizable and well-liked captains.

Kanse, from Wilmington, Del., is in his seventh year of captaining. He’s captained men’s teams at the 4.0 and 4.5 levels, and mixed teams from 7.0 to 9.0. In that time, he’s had some memorable experiences.

“My best experiences as a captain have been when my teams win matches that no one else but my team, and myself, believe we can win,” he said.

He added that his team takes the losses and the wins with perspective and try to pull a takeaway from each one.

“We are prepared and we continue to try to be better,” he said. “We are never satisfied. We learn just as much from our wins as we do from our losses.”

Kanse said his favorite memory as a captain is tough to choose. In his team’s first 4.0 district championship, his squad beat the first place team 5-0 after losing twice in the regular season. Last season one of his teams was two points away from a perfect 4.0 district title. The team did that with only five returning players.

A competitive player by nature, Kanse is looking forward to the upcoming challenges of this season. He’s hoping to find success but, of course, have some fun along the way.

“It’s been great playing with my guys at multiple levels as we have grown as a team over the years and advanced to the next level as a team,” he said. “Hopefully this group of new guys have as much fun as the last.”

He’s also looking forward to the seasons to come.

“If I ever get bumped up to 4.5, I look forward to the next challenge of the 5.0 men’s and 10.0 mixed,” he said.


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