2016: All About Sportsmanship

great sportsWe’ve all heard about the importance of being a good sport. But how many of us actually do it?

Throughout the USTA League Tennis season this year, Middle States will recognize great sports for all they do to keep the game fun and fair for everyone involved. Middle States staffers Sally Baird and Mary Wurtz will be making appearances at random matches all spring and summer, handing out pins and recognizing good sports.

Do you know a great sport? Someone who makes the game better for those around them? If you have someone in mind, let us know by emailing NetPLAY@ms.usta.com.

In the meantime, check out these sportsmanship tips below, and feel free to add in any or all of your own. You’ll be surprised that when you try some of the these things, your game will often improve.

Tips for being a great sport

Introduce yourself before your match.
Compliment your opponent’s good shots.
When in doubt, call it in.
Remember that tennis is a game. You play to have fun, so keep it that way.
Keep your cool! There is no reason to yell at yourself or your opponent.
Watch your language! There are kids watching!
Don’t celebrate double faults.
Don’t overdo your celebrations after a big shot. Never show anyone up.
Trust your opponent. If they made a call, you have to go with it, anyway. This will help you keep your focus and worry about your own game.
If your opponent makes a bad call, continue making the right calls. They’ll be surprised and impressed at how you’ve kept your cool.
Always announce the score.
Treat your opponent how you’d want them to treat you.
Always shake hands and say something positive when the match is over.
Be a role model – approach the game like someone who can be looked up to.

Have a sportsmanship tip? Know a great sport? Let us know by emailing NetPLAY@ms.usta.com.

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