Sportsmanship Spotlight: Vida Komer

In two years as a USTA League Tennis captain, Vida Komer has learned plenty about traveling to matches, managing courts and scheduling.

Along the way, she’s been sure not to forget about one of the most important aspects of the game: sportsmanship.

vida komer sportsmanship spotlight
Team members Amy Harakal, Cindy Barowich, Kim Kness, Donna Brusco, Terri Samolovich, Vida Komer, Kumiko Lancet, Ginny Barnicoat and Nancy Mueller


After a recent match, Komer and her Pittsburgh-based team were recognized by another team’s captain for an outstanding showing of sportsmanship. The captain praised Komer and her co-captain, Cindy Barowich, for being gracious during a scheduling predicament, along with “being a wonderful and kind team, and showing great sportsmanship during a match.”

Komer, who began playing USTA League Tennis 12 years ago, has seen the game on a variety of levels, and over the years, her perspective has broadened. Her three daughters played high school tennis and one currently competes at the University of Delaware, with another hoping to take her game to the next level.

“Playing tennis with good sportsmanship just makes the whole experience more enjoyable,” she said. “At my age the social aspect is just as important to me as the sport itself.”

“I love the camaraderie of tennis, and competing,” she added. ” I enjoy the challenges on the court that tennis provides, but more importantly I treasure the lifelong friendships I have made.”

Do you know a captain who deserves recognition? Nominate them to see them recognized!

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