Captain Spotlight: Dan Khoo

For New Jersey’s Dan Khoo, captaining a team is all about one thing: having a good time.

dan khooOf course, winning is always fun, too.

A USTA League Tennis captain from Hopewell Valley Tennis and Swim Center, Khoo said he finds captaining tennis in New Jersey extremely rewarding. From helping his teams excel on the court to initiating team social gatherings, Khoo has demonstrated a versatile approach to leading.

Over the last three years, Khoo has commanded several teams with impressive records. His 8.0 mixed doubles team out of Nassau Tennis Club represented Middle States last year in the National Championship in Tucson, Arizona. He led the 9.0 “Saiyons” 18 and over mixed doubles charge, excelling in the regular season and even adding a 2015 New Jersey District Championship to the trophy case. In addition, he captained four Middle States teams that advanced to the playoffs in 2014.

Khoo has a hands-off approach to organizing team practices. Instead of scheduling formal training sessions, he encourages players to initiate practices on their own time. This keeps the players from having to follow a strict schedule and allows them to practice when it fits best for them.

“The best part for me is getting everyone together to have fun,” he said.

Khoo describes his team’s culture as being laid back, but competitive at the same time. One of his favorite memories came at USTA League Section Championships, when he partnered with a teammate, Kei, to win a three-hour match.

Despite difficulties with scheduling matches, Khoo finds his leadership role incredibly satisfying. Through his fulfilling experience, he said he’s met great friends that he continues to spend time with on and off of the court.

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