Team Spotlight: Philly Sweet Shots

It’s easy to spot Lori Miceli and her 2.5 USTA League Tennis team. Whatever the score or the day, they’re the ones having a lot of fun.

IMG_0044They’re also usually the ones winning.

Between the laughing, the photos, the cheering and the standout play on court, it seems like the group has been together for a decade. Turns out, though, the team had barely played together until this year. In fact, many of the players had barely played organized tennis at all.

“Many of us didn’t know one another before we started playing,” Miceli said last weekend at USTA League Middle States Championships. “Now we’ve formed great friendships.”

The team, called the Sweet Shots, formed from a group of ladies who took beginner clinics at Kinetix Sports Club in Norristown, Pa. Prior to this season, teaching pros at Kinetix encouraged Miceli and a group of the ladies to form a 2.5 USTA League Tennis team.

Few players knew what to expect or what USTA even stood for. But that didn’t stop them from putting together an incredible first season.

The squad went undefeated in its local league and continued that streak through district championships in the Philadelphia area. The successful record led the Sweet Shots to Middle States Championships, where they competed against other 2.5 teams from Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey.

The Sweet Shots didn’t win Section Championships this year, but that won’t stop them from taking the next step.

“Hopefully we’ll play together for a long time. From 3.0 and up,” Miceli said.

“Even 5.0,” another player laughed.

“Above all, we are competitive and intense,” Miceli added. “But we’re also positive and fun. We love to play together on the court and laugh a lot off the court. The supportive spirit from every teammate has brought us up to this point.”

The Sweet Shots were one of three Kinetix-based teams at Middle States Section Championships.

Check out action photos from Middle States Section Championships on Facebook. For more info on USTA League Tennis, visit Middle States’ website.

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