Unique Careers: Delaware’s Sun Lam

Now semi-retired, Sun Lam likes to avoid the standard 9-5 work day.

“That time,” he says, “is now for tennis.”

Sun Lam (front row, yellow shirt) with his 3.0 Delaware District USTA League Tennis teammates.

Lam, who lives in Wilmington, Del., spent many years of his career working in the accounting field. After retiring from that, he began looking for something more flexible that he could do part time.

He decided to become a casino card game dealer.

“I work at night and have a flexible schedule,” he said last weekend at USTA League Section Championships at New Jersey’s Mercer County Park. “I like that, so I have more time to play.”

Lam, who has been a casino dealer for four years, said he generally begins his shift at the tables around 7 or 8 p.m. Most nights he leaves before midnight. He often deals blackjack, and is also trained in plenty of other card games. His training to become a dealer took about six months.

“Being a dealer is interesting,” he said. “You see a lot of people. You learn a lot.”

Lam, 59, began playing tennis frequently about six years ago with a group of friends at Battery Park in New Castle, Del. Two years ago he decided to join USTA League Tennis and, this year, he competed at the 3.0 level. His Delaware-based team, captained by David Prosser, advanced to Section Championships by winning the 40 and Over Delaware District Championships.

While he might be involved with casino games at night, Lam isn’t exactly a gambler when it comes to tennis. He describes himself as a conservative player on the court.

“I don’t hit big,” he said. “I just get the ball in and try to minimize the errors. I try to keep it in play.”

“I love to play,” he added. “It’s what I do.”

Players competing in USTA League Tennis come from various backgrounds and are involved with countless hobbies and careers. Throughout this year and in the upcoming issue of NetPLAY Magazine, we’ll feature the many careers of our league tennis players, displaying the incredible diversity that tennis brings together. If you’d like to be included, email NetPLAY@ms.usta.com and include “CAREERS” as the subject line.

Interested in playing USTA League Tennis? Learn all you need to know about leagues by visiting USTA Middle States online, and email questions to findaleague@ms.usta.com

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