Growing the Game with Kristin Schlageter

If you play USTA League Tennis, you may recognize Local League Coordinator Kristen Schlageter. Kristen works in Central Pa. to grow league participation and is also a frequent player, captain and volunteer.

Schlageter is one of the many coordinators who can help you find a team for this fall or winter. Contact your local coordinator by clicking here.

What makes tennis such a special sport to you?

“Over the past five years, tennis has evolved into being a very integral part of my life. I have enjoyed the lifelong friendships that I have made on and off of the court. Tennis can be enjoyed by people of all ages and all walks of life. I have met so many interesting people that I would not have run across in other parts of my life.

We all share the joy of exercising, competing, and seeing each other improve and succeed. One of the best parts of the sport for me, is my ability to make a difference. In the past year, a group of tennis friends and I have coordinated and run two tennis tournaments to benefit pediatric cancer – specifically Four Diamonds.

In the past year, we have donated about $14,000 to Four Diamonds while also providing a fun event for the local tennis community (136 participants in our last tournament)! A win-win!!  That’s what is fun.

What do you love about USTA League Tennis?

The USTA offers the opportunity to play a sport we love in an organized way. You can play with teams of friends and make it as social or as competitive as you would like. I love that the leagues are leveled and you are challenged at your own level of play.

Leagues and schedules are organized by coordinators and captains and clubs. People who would like to participate may do so in many different ways. I personally love captaining teams and seeing my friends play, have fun, enjoy the sport and each other.

Have a story about USTA League Tennis that you’d like to share? Email to share it with us. 

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