Sibling Rivalry: Sabrina and Tiffany Yeung

Siblings often have rivalries. Twins Sabrina and Tiffany Yeung take it to a different level. When it comes to tennis, their rivalry is a major benefit.

“Both girls try to be better than each other in everything, whether it be tennis, grades in school or music,” said their mom, Mei Yeung. “It’s in a good way though. They push each other to achieve more.”

With both girls finishing last year inside the top 20 in the Middle States rankings, it seems their motivation tactics have worked so far. At 12 years old, both were invited to the Team USA Camp held in Middle States in the spring.

The two-day camp was by invite only to the top 30 boys and girls in the section, giving the kids an opportunity to learn and compete with some of the other top players around.

On or off the court, the girls learned from a young age that they’re going to constantly compete against each other, with one person coming out on top. They were frequent opponents in green and orange ball tournaments.

Now that they’re older, they play against each other less often, but occasionally, they end up on the same side of the court. They began playing doubles together when they started playing 12 and Under tournaments.

In one particular tournament, Tiffany was injured and Sabrina played with a friend. It changed her perspective.

“I remember Sabrina coming off the court and the first thing she told me was that she felt bad for her sister,” Mei said. “She said she always got mad at Tiffany when she made errors, but now that she was playing with someone else, it put it into perspective for her how she handles those situations. It was a huge lesson for her and now they both cherish the time they have with each other on and off the court.”

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