All for Community

The Wheelchair Tournament of Delaware has grown to become a staple of the tennis community. Every fall, players from all over the east coast travel to Delaware to compete in the tournament.

And it’s all possible because of one volunteer: Kathie Herel.

“I have been organizing wheelchair tennis tournaments for more than 25 years and I love it as much now as I did way back then,” Herel said.

Herel’s dedication to the tournament is evident. The volunteers return every year to ensure the tournament runs smoothly. Whether it’s hitting with some athletes to warm up or fetching balls during match play, it’s become a community effort.

“It has grown into one big family reunion,” Herel said. “So many previous players, volunteers and even USTA officials return each year to see each other and support the competition.”

Still, the tournament continues to grow.

“We always welcome a few new faces and that encourages and motivates us to continue striving for ways to up our game and present an event better tournament next year,” Herel said.

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