Paying it Forward

If you ask Ed McQuillin about tennis, he’ll tell you how much the game has given him. He’ll talk about what it’s meant to his career and his family. He’ll share his decades of highlights and memories – the friendships forged and the relationships built.

That’s why it’s so easy for McQuillin to give back.

“Tennis is in my roots.” said McQuillin, who will serve as USTA Middle States President in 2017-18. “It’s where I come from.”

McQuillin’s passion for the game dates back to his childhood in Wilson, Pa., where he learned the game from a local high school coach on nearby public courts. There, he developed an enthusiasm for tennis that led to a standout career as a player and captain at West Chester University.

edmcquillinCollege tennis wasn’t the end of the tennis road for McQuillin, and that became more evident with each day. McQuillin went on to work as a USTA staff member in New York. Thirty years ago, he took a job at Wilmington Country Club. Today, he continues to serve at Wilmington as the Director of Racquet Sports.

Through it all, McQuillin has been embedded in the community, looking for ways to grow the game. At Wilmington, he connects the club to community efforts, fundraisers, leagues and other open play opportunities. Also involved with the United States Professional Tennis Association, he’s won countless awards and been honored by numerous organizations. He was inducted into the Middle States Hall of Fame in 2009.

McQuillin first took a volunteer role with a local USTA Delaware board with the intent to simply fill in temporarily. Those temporary plans evolved into a more permanent role as McQuillin became a dependable board member in positions like Treasurer and Vice President on the Middle States Section board.

Now entering his two-year term as President, McQuillin has major aspirations and plans on leading Middle States to even greater heights. One of the focuses will be a continued effort on community development and growing tennis in schools.

“I think we all want to see more people on the court,” he said. “With the staff and the board we have, we’ll see that happen. I’m very impressed with how everyone brings something different to the table and how hard everyone works. We truly have an exciting future.”

One thought on “Paying it Forward

  1. I coached Ed’s son at Unionville HS. Ed has an unbelievable passion for tennis,and will do a great job in his new role. I’ve been coaching at Octorara HS, for the last 12 years. I am interested in becoming more involved in tennis development,especially in the Parkesburg area.

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