Keys To Successful Doubles Partnerships

Volleys. Poaches. Your position. Your teammates position. Rotating serves. Ad side. Deuce side. At times, it can be a lot.

Instead of stressing out about all the positions and shots you need on the doubles court, just think about one thing that can help improve your game.


“When you’re playing doubles, constant communicating with your doubles partner is the most important thing,” said Middle States Sr. Director of Junior Competition. “You need to communicate after every point and stay on the same page, whether it was a good or bad last point and whether you’re winning or losing match”

So what are some other tips to improving your communication on the court? Leave them in the comments section below.

Pick each other up – find something positive after each point.
More eye contact.
Have a short memory. Win or lose, move on.
Smile more.
When in doubt, talk it out.
Talk strategy before the match.

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