Award Spotlight: Cindy Mable

Cindy Mable has been involved in tennis for many years. First she was a player, but then, when injury kept her off the court, she became a USTA Official.

But it was her work behind the scenes that earned her the 2016 Presidential Service Award.

“I received an email from Christian Sockel, immediate past-President of USTA Middle States, thanking me for my work in 2016 and expressing his desire to recognize me with this award,” Mable said. “Needless to say, I was shocked, but very thankful. It’s certainly great to be acknowledged after a year of very hard work.”

The Presidential Service Award is given by the USTA Middle States President to someone who has provided a high level of service to the Middle States mission during the term.

Mable served the section as the chair of both the Awards Committee and the Leadership Development Committee.

“Last year we received a record number of award nominations, so I was very proud of the effort to increase awareness of the awards program,” Mable said. “We are able to honor more people than ever before. I was also able to work with all six districts on governance changes that occurred in the section. There were only three of us on the leadership development committee, so the fact that the process and communication went as smoothly as it did is a big testament to our efforts.”

Mable will continue her work with Middle States in 2017-18. She was elected to the Middle States Board of Directors and will continue to serve the Leadership Development Committee as the chairperson.

Despite all her involvement in the governance and organization of Middle States, Mable is just a fan of the sport and wants to bring it to as many as she can.

“I’ve been to Wimbledon six times, the French Open twice and the US Open too many times to count,” she said. “I just love it.”

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