Award Spotlight: Anna Osadchy

fullsizerenderWhen Anna Osadchy first arrived at Rowan University, it was a tough transition.

Thankfully, she found Tennis On Campus.

“When I was a freshman, I had a hard time adjusting from home life to college life,” she said. “Tennis On Campus made the transition so much easier. One of the only reasons I stayed at Rowan was because of my team and the camaraderie.”

Osadchy has become an ambassador for Tennis On Campus, most recently serving as the team captain for two years. It was her work as a team captain that earned her the 2016 Middle States Tennis On Campus Leader of the Year.

“It’s a great honor to be recognized,” Osadchy said. “It was really unexpected, but so rewarding after four years of hard work.”

As team captain, Osadchy is responsible for organizing team practices and tournaments and communicating well with the team and the USTA Middle States office. She organized a trip to Arizona every year so the team could get more experience at a National tournament.

“Besides my grades, the club is my focus at school,” Osadchy said. “I want to make sure everything runs smoothly and correctly.”

Whether they’re traveling for tournaments or not, the Rowan team is always together.

“Just spending time with my team is my favorite part about Tennis On Campus,” Osadchy said. “We’re all best friends. On and off the court, we spend so much time together. We’ve made friends at the other schools too so we have even more friends when we travel.”

Osadchy is graduating in May with a degree in supply chain management and marketing, but she’s not so sure she’s done with Tennis On Campus quite yet.

“I’m actually considering doing a master’s program at Rowan,” she said. “I’ll be doing it for the education, but the fact that I could continue playing Tennis On Campus would be a big perk.”


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