TSR Spotlight: Kelle Cunningham

USTA Middle States is divided into six geographical regions. Within each region, a Tennis Service Representative (TSR) is responsible for coordinating tennis among adults, juniors and facilities. They travel to various facilities and ensure that everyone has the best opportunity to enjoy the sport.

Kelle Cunningham is the TSR in the Allegheny Mountain District (AMD).

Get to know Kelle:

Time with USTA | 11 years

Age she began playing tennis | 11

First tennis memory | “My neighbors played so they took me with them one day and left me at the wall and told me to hit there for an hour, then maybe I could go onto the court.”

Current playing involvement | “I play in the Pittsburgh Tennis League, I work with the Duquesne Club Tennis Team.”

What she loves about her job | “I love working with the people. I love when a passionate person wants to start or build a program in their town. I am fortunate that I am able to help them organize and possibly get them some equipment to start.”

What she loves about the game | “The fact that you can play tennis and compete at any age is why I love the game. Also, I have met some of my best friends while on the court.”

Connect with Kelle about how to get involved with tennis or start a program in the Allegheny Mountain District.

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