TSR Spotlight: Lori Schwartz

USTA Middle States is divided into six geographical regions. Within each region, a Tennis Service Representative (TSR) is responsible for coordinating tennis among adults, juniors and facilities. They travel to various facilities and ensure that everyone has the best opportunity to enjoy the sport.

Lori Schwartz is the TSR in the New Jersey District (NJD).

Get to know Lori:

Time with USTA | 12 and a half years

Age she began playing tennis | 10

First tennis memory | “The first time I picked up a tennis racquet was in my elementary school yard. We had a summer counselor that would bring games and activities to the school yard for us kids, and he brought a tennis racquet one day. I began playing for the first time by hitting a ball off of the school yard wall.”

Current playing involvement | “Other than what I do for work, I’m involved in teaching tennis.”

What she loves about her job | “I love that my job provides a variety of contact with different people and providers in the sport, all looking to grow the game in their own way.”

Connect with Lori about how to get involved with tennis or start a program in the Allegheny Mountain District.

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