New League Forming in PATD

USTA is now offering a new FUN league: Mixed Doubles Tri-Level at a few locations within the Philadelphia Area Tennis District. For some highlights of the details click here:

  • Format:
    -Mixed Doubles – 3 Courts per match at a combined 7.0 / 7.5 / 8.0 rating
    -This league will allow players to play at a rating more than 1.0 apart (For example, a 4.5 rated player and 3.0 rated player can play together on the 7.5 court)
    -This will be a non-advancing league – there is no advancement to championship play (districts/sectionals/nationals). Depending on the number of teams, there may be a year end tournament as an alternative to post season play.
    -A home team will still be assigned each week, which will represent the team responsible for providing the balls for the match.
  • Season Dates, Locations and Match Times:
    -Season will likely begin in early May
    -Matches will be played outdoors on weeknights @ 6PM (Targeting a recurring schedule, for example every Wednesday evening. Actual day of the week still to be determined).
    -Leagues will be currently offered in the following locations (depending on interest). Court reservations will be handled by USTA: Chester County (Malvern, West Chester, Newtown Square) | Bucks County (Levittown)
  • Cost:
    -The cost for league registration is still being determined. To give a rough estimate, registration should cost no more than $38 for the entire season!
    -The registration cost of the league will cover you for the entire season. There will be no extra fees or court costs!
  • Incentives
    -As a new league looking to promote more tennis opportunities, we have attached a few special incentives to promote USTA tennis and league play:
    -2017 USTA PATD Mixed Captains: If you captained a PATD Mixed Team this season and are interested in captaining a team for Mixed Tri-Level, please reach out to Brian Hamilton prior to registration. We will be offering a complimentary “Thank You” registration for those captains.
    -Non-league players: Have friends or family members playing tennis but are not currently involved in USTA leagues? Mixed Tri-Level offers a good opportunity to get players comfortable with league play. Players who have not played in any USTA leagues before will be eligible for a discounted registration for Mixed Tri-Level (active USTA Membership will still be required).
  • Player referrals: If a captain introduces two new tennis players into USTA league, they will also be offered an incentive!
    -Year End Party: A year end party will also be hosted to gather players together and celebrate a successful Mixed Tri-Level season.
  • Next Steps:
    -We are now looking for players and captains for Mixed Tri-Level! If you are interested or have any additional questions, please reach out to Brian Hamilton:
    -Once enough interest is received, team numbers will be distributed to captains for players to sign up.

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